The Global Agricultural Development Foundation (G.A.D.) organizes, in collaboration with executing party ProDairy LTD and SNV-Kenya, G.A.D. licensed practical dairy skills trainings in Kenya. The goal is to help dairy farmers become more self-reliant.

Practical training by Global Agricultural Development Foundation

G.A.D. offers a five day full board practical training course (G.A.D. Basis Training) from Sunday (arriving) till Friday/Saturday (leaving) in Meru and Limuru which will be excecuted by ProDairy LTD. This full time training program has accommodation facilities on the farm. Participants follow the following modules:

  • Feeding and nutrition of dairy cows
  • Napier grass management
  • Housing of dairy cows
  • Calf rearing
  • Milk hygiene and milk technique
  • Health of dairy cows, with submodules on mastitis,  tick fever, worms, vaccinations and pneumonia
  • Fertility and breeding
  • Farm record keeping

Farmers attending the training will spend 60% of their time on practical ‘hands on’ farm activities on training facilities. The remaining 40% of their time will be used to explain theoretical background and facilitate group discussions. Every farmer will be provided with rubber boots and clothing.

The training is unique as it takes place on existing, full operational dairy farms such as Sikiru Farm in Meru and uses their infrastructure. The training encourages all farmers to embrace good dairy management practices: each farm with its own challenges and solutions on feed supply, fodder production, disease control, housing and milk marketing.

The on farm training allows the farmer to gain very practical skills in dairy production. Skills that can be put into practice immediately to grow towards a more profitable dairy farm. The courses have a low entry level, but a basic level of English will be required.

Other courses can be offered at the request of the customer. For more information about G.A.D. licensed Practical Dairy Training  contact Sigrid :

Training 2019

Limuru, MoLito Farm:
8 -  12 July: Fully booked
22 - 26 July: Fully booked

After 29th of July we still have availability, please send an email to for more information

Meru, Sikiru Farm:
13-18 JAN: Fully booked
20-25 JAN: Fully booked

10-15 FEB: Fully booked
17-22 FEB: Fully booked

10-15 MAR: Fully booked
17-22 MAR: Fully booked

7-12 APR: Fully booked

15 april - End of December 2019 Fully booked

Requests for other trainings can be done for locations Meru and Limuru throughout the rest of 2019. Please feel free to inquire for the possibilities at: or



Training 2018

Meru, Sikiru Farm:
12-16 NOV Fully booked
19-23 NOV Fully booked
26-30 NOV Fully booked





Training costs
The costs for the 5 day intern training vary per location and per number of participants. It is also possible to train a group of dairy farmers for a cooperation.

If you like to get trained, or like to fund trainees, please contact Sigrid Kootstra: