Rabobank Foundation
Rabobank Foundation invests in the self-reliance of organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This enables these organizations to help small scaled farmers with finances, savings, knowledge and new markets. As a cooperation bank with a background in agriculture/food, the Rabobank knows how cooperations, banking and farming work. We use our experience to help small scaled farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs to put their business to a higher level. Our network helps to support our goals and reach out in effective ways.
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Meru Union Dairy Cooperative / Mount Kenya Dairies

The union is solely owned by farmers in the bigger Meru County and its environs. Mount Kenya Milk has sustained and improved the market share over the last 30 years since its inception.The Dairy Union has village milk collection centers spread out in Meru County. Once collected, the milk is processed into a wide range of dairy products and distributed throughout Kenya.

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Prodairy LTD
ProDairy focuses on service to the dairy farmer, advising and training of the farmer and his staff with the aim to run the farm in a professional way and be profitable at the same time. ProDairy will provide solutions for the comfort of your cows across the East African region, both to small and large-scale dairy farms. It’s a one stop solution to make farming easy and sustainable. All their products are cow friendly and will provide cow comfort.
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SNV-KMDP  Practical Skills and Farm Management

Kenya Market-led Dairy Program (KMDP) supports dairy cooperative societies and milk processors with setting up their own training & extension units. KMDP-II promotes and supports the collaboration between GAD-foundation and ProDairy that builds upon the PDTC concept developed under KMDP-I. In this case, a local dairy training company collaborates with host or training farms (Practical Dairy Training Centres) and offers 1-5 days skills based training for various target groups. KMDP-II also supports initiatives and partnerships between Kenyan and Dutch institutes for dairy education and training, with emphasis on E-learning and other structured training and education materials and concepts, that are adapted to the Kenyan situation and needs.
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Aben & Slag
Involved, clear and powerful are the characteristics of the legal support that G.A.D. receives from Aben & Slag. Aben & Slag focuses on the expertise of labor law, commercial law & litigation, insolvency law & restructuring, corporate law, personal and family law and real estate & government.
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Roodbont agricultural publishers
Roodbont is a agricultural publisherfor and they published the Swahili Edition of Cow Signals East African Edition for G.A.D.  They are specialized in educational books about cattle, pigs, poulty, sheeps, horses, crops, mushrooms and coutryside.
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MHK notaries
MHK notaries supports G.A.D. when organizing notarial matters. They do this in a personal and accessible way. MHK is a general practice with notaries and adivseurs who each have their own specialization and can therefore provide G.A.D with all notarial needs.
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