Ending of SNV-KMDP Program

Publicatiedatum: 16-07-2019

Ending of SNV-Kenya Market Led Dairy Program

In June 2019 the SNV - KMDP came, after 8 years, to an end.

In June 2019 the SNV - KMDP came, after 8 years, to an end. The project had several pilars:

  1. Improved availability of affordable & good quality practical training, extension and farm enterprises advisory services for farmers and other value chain actors;
  2. Improved availability of affordable and good quality fodder;
  3. Improved availability of incentives and mechanisms along the value chain that enable the supply of quality milk (food safety);
  4. Improved linkages in the dairy value chain to stimulate chain integration and inclusiveness;
  5. Improved linkages of dairy value chain actors with international (Dutch) companies and institutes, as a stimulus for innovation, inclusiveness and competitiveness of the sector.

We want to thank SNV-KMDP for the great cooperation between G.A.D. and SNV and their great work. They have accomplished a lot in the dairy sector in Kenya. We hope to work together in the future in other African Countries to help the dairy farmers become more self sufficient.

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