Board members and CEO

Chairman of the board: Jules Coenen
Jules Coenen is a former Rabobank CEO and is very (financial) sustainable and value driven. Coenen believes in collaboration between all involving company’s. He knows how to lead business teams and has great interest in the agricultural sector.

Secretary of the board: Frans Ettema
Frans Ettema, owner of Landfort Advice,  is a dairy expert. Ettema has worked for Wageningen University as a research member and is a qualified teacher for dairy farmers.
Frans has a lot of experience with training the practical skills of dairy farmers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Treasurer of the board: Jan Hulsen
Jan Hulsen is co-founder and general manager of VetVice. Hulsen wrote the CowSignals books. He is a master CowSignals trainer, dairy expert and a veterinarian. He teaches dairy farmers about Cow Signals all around the world.

Board member: Sjoerd van Ierssel has been working as a Dutch lawyer for over more than 20 years. Sjoerd is very passionate about development work in Africa and as a boardmember assist the foundation with judicial matters.


CEO of the foundation: Sigrid Kootstra 
has been working and living in African countries
for more than 20 years and will follow and implement
he GAD vision and mission with passion.

Founder of the foundation & Technical Advisor: Charlotte Pompe
Charlotte has founded the GAD Foundation in 2017
and because of her knowledge, skills and persistence GAD was able to
make a successful start.
She has over more than 7 years experience in
the dairy sector in Kenya and she now assist the
GAD Foundation as a technical advisor.