Board members and staff

Chairman of the board: Jan Hulsen
Jan Hulsen is co-founder and general manager of VetVice. Hulsen wrote the CowSignals books. He is a master CowSignals trainer, dairy expert and a veterinarian. He teaches dairy farmers about Cow Signals all around the world.

Secretary of the board: Frans Ettema
Frans Ettema, owner of Landfort Advice,  is a dairy expert. Ettema has worked for Wageningen University as a research member and is a qualified teacher for dairy farmers.
Frans has a lot of experience with training the practical skills of dairy farmers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Secretary of the board: Henk Kusters
Henk Kusters is a specialist in multifunctional agriculture and has a long track record managing projects for the grene sector in the Netherlands. As a retired director of an agricultural university, Henk has a lot of affinity with training programs for agrucultural entrepreneurs. 

Board member: Sjoerd van Ierssel has been working as a Dutch lawyer for over more than 20 years. Sjoerd is very passionate about development work in Africa and as a boardmember assist the foundation with judicial matters.


Chief Operation Officer: Charlotte Pompe
Charlotte is co-founder of the GAD Foundation (2017) and has built up a lot of knowledge and experience about dairy development in East-African countries. She is responsible, among other day to day activities for GAD, for the projectmanagement in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Charlotte has been working in the dairy sector in Kenya since 2013, is ing. of animal husbandary and is a Cowsignal certified master trainer.