About us

Global Agricultural Development Foundation (G.A.D.) is an international development organization. G.A.D. focusses on helping agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries by teaching them practical skills.


G.A.D. wants to reduce the global food problem by supporting sustainable agricultural activities. By increasing the self-reliance of agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries, G.A.D. also wants to make the sector more attractive to young people.


G.A.D. believes in strengthening agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries. We focus on developing already existing agricultural entrepreneurship. We empower these entrepreneurs with additional knowledge and expertise.


Together with executive parties, G.A.D. provides practical skills training to agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries. G.A.D. starts in Kenya with dairy farmers and will extend to neighbouring countries.

By increasing the knowledge and skills of the agricultural entrepreneurs G.A.D. strives to:

  • improve living conditions and self-sufficiency
  • raise the food supply and food safety in the project countries to a higher level
  • support the agricultural business connection with the Netherlands


Shown in the infographic above, the foundation is raised because the population is growing very rapidly, which means that the already existing food shortage will only expand. By organizing high quality practical training together with partners we aim to improve the practical skills of the dairy farmers to a higher level. By following a 5-day training programme and a one-year follow-up, they will be able to implement all the applications learned during the training. An important goal is to help the farmer to become more self-sufficient by teaching them dairy skills, to make more income from the dairy cows because he/she can implement the knowledge. After finishing the one-year GAD programme successfully the dairy farmer gets a GAD certificate which he/she can use as a substantiation to get an easier access to finance and by this way become more self-reliant.


3. Food security and self-reliance for families

Developing the dairy chain provides numerous families with employment and food certainty. Connecting with other chain partners enhances knowledge, professionalizes production and sales opportunities. The result: a more stable income for dairy farmers, new financing possibilities within reach and stimulation of the economic growth of dairy companies. 


2. More and better milk

Milk is an important food source and a valuable raw material for local dairy industry. This allows the local dairy industry to further develop itself while creating a better market position.


1.Practical skills first

Our practical dairy farming trainings allow dairy farmers to boost their practical skills. These skills enable them to keep a healthy and performing cattle. More and better milk starts with increased self-reliance.