About Global Agricultural Development Foundation

Global Agricultural Development Foundation (G.A.D.) is an international development organization. G.A.D. focusses on helping agricultural entrepreneurs to become more self-reliant in developing countries by teaching them practical skills.

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The Global Agricultural Development Foundation wants to reduce the global food problem by supporting sustainable agricultural activities. By increasing the self-reliance of agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries, G.A.D. also wants to make the sector more attractive to young people.

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The Global Agricultural Development Foundation (G.A.D.) organizes, in collaboration with several executing companies, practical dairy trainings in Kenya, the G.A.D. level 1 basis training.

The goal is to help dairy farmers become more self-reliant.

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Training 2019

In 2019 we have been executing trainings in Meru at Sikiru Farm every week with great success! In Limuru the trainings are given at MoLito farm and there we still have some availability for trainees to get trained. Interested in the training or in more information about the work of the foundation?

 Send an email to info@gad-foundation.com

Update about given trainings 2018

In 2018 we started with trainings in cooperation with Rabobank Foundation, SNV Kenya and executing company ProDairy LTD.
So far we have succesfully trained more that 100 trainees on Sikiru Farm, Meru, from the Meru Union Cooperative. 
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“By following the course I gained a lot of practical knowledge about my dairy farm and how to get a sustainable income from my dairy cows. The modules are of great added value because I can always look back at them if I need more information. ” Chirchir Trainee - Farmer Kenia